Design Optical Components

System creation and conception of complicated and customized optical systems.

Optical systems

Optical system design integrates science, creativity and technical understanding. We create bespoke optical systems by combining our expertise and design skills.


We employ internationally standardized design methodologies and take into account production feasibility and the utilization of standard parts in our work. 


The simulation and optimization of optical systems is done using the latest and most efficient software.


Our work with optical systems can be applied to; Projection lenses, Camera lenses, Illumination systems, Head-up systems, Head-mounted displays, Sensors, Ophthalmological devices, Physiological optics, Telescopes, Measuring systems, Optical systems with microsdisplays, sensor devices and much more …


We can assist in all phases

Idea and Conception


  • Together we identifies a beneficial deadline for the conception, which you hereafter will receive for initial examination.


  • Specifications and drafts are determined.


  • Estimated costs for the all critical stages of development-



  • Creating an optical design which is compatible with available manufacturing facilities.


  • Designing tolerances with alignment and the strategy for further testing.


  • Simulations of reflections, temperature effects etc.



  • Description of user interface.


  • Complete production approved set of drawings of concept.


  • Specification of equipment needed for testing and alignment


  • Approval of large-scale production.