LED on Technologies and GermFlare is ready to fight harmful pathogens all around the world. 

Unique UVC light

The Germflare searchlight is a unique and personal UVC searchlight that offers maximum mobility and is the best solution in the fight against virus and bacteria on surfaces.


The searchlight is suited to be used as a personal tool to help any person increase their own safety against biological threats while also decrease the risk of transmitting diseases in any environment and help stop a virus or bacteria from spreading to the next person.

The GermFlare germicidal UVC light is yet another innovative product from LED on Technologies. LED on Technologies has been the beacon within the LED industry and is known to introduce some of the best products in the fields of UV Lights in Forensic Science and has been used by crime scene coroners globally since 2003 – with more than 50.000 lights actively used in the field daily.

Based on the years of experience in the Light/LED- and OEM industry, LED on Technologies developed the GermFlare specifically suited as an OEM solution. The years of experience within these industries benefits the strategic partner as they will have a reliable supplier with the capabilities to produce high quantities fast and at the best cost.

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