Material Technology

Selecting the best suited material is as important as any other step in a successful product.

Material Knowledge

One of the most crucial aspects of a product’s competitiveness is the quality.


The use of high-quality materials is essential for achieving exceptional results. Heat treatments, material parameter measurement in accordance with standards, and light-optical microstructure documentation and interpretation are all used to study and optimize materials.


We can provide information and knowhow about various subjects;


+ Metallic materials are subjected to hardness testing.

+ The hardness of synthetic materials is measured. 

+ Rubber and elastomer hardness testing (Shore test).

+ Material and component heat treatment, as well as procedural recommendations.

+ Atomic Emission Spectroscopy,

+ Tensile, pressure, and bend testing of bonded, soldered, and crimp connections.

+ Biocompatibility assessment.

+ Environmental compatibility of materials and products advice and evaluation.

+ Advice on material selection and application.

+ Metallography.

+ Preparation of specimens for microscopy.

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