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LED on Technologies

LED on Technologies provides industry-leading products and expert assistance within the LED and portable light industry. LED on Technologies has developed various light sources utilized in areas where high durability and reliability is important.

As a market leading developer our range of products covers areas such as forensic ultraviolet lights used by lab technicians and crime scene coroners, and the GermFlare portable germicidal UVC light which is used to kill and inactivate Covid-19, MRSA and other harmful pathogens in the hospital sector.


Expert Assistance

Our expertise is not only used to develop and produce our own range of products. Our team is available to assist you with developing components 

to be integrated in an existing or new product.

Developing a new product?

LED on Technologies has more than 25 years of experience within the industry and can assist you with research, development and production of your next LED/UV product and components.

UVC and the post covid-19 world.


UVC light based on the LED technologies is still an expanding market and the useful application of UVC can be integrated in several product categories and can be a more beneficial solution than existing products available today are. Our knowledge and experience from many years in the industry will be at your disposal and is guaranteed to elevate your project to the next level. 


The UVC technology incorporated in the GermFlare light could be utilized in your next product – and could potentially to be the most efficient and powerful system on the market. The opportunities are plentiful – and we are ready to assist you!

Official Projects

Product view



The Germflare searchlight is a unique and personal UVC searchlight that offers maximum mobility and is the best solution in the fight against virus and bacteria on surfaces.

Product view



ThatHalo is a military graded marine searchlight with never before seen innovative features and controls options. ThatHalo is launched in 2023 and we are looking for strategic partners.


LED on Technologies is a trusted and valued business partner when developing high-tech, innovative new products and has therefore supplied various large companies with high quality LED solutions used in some of the harshest conditions – with exemplary results.